Message from MD

Managing Director Tsuyoshi Hikichi

When investing in real estate in a foreign environment, where you do not speak the language nor understand the culture, having a trusted professional in the field by your side gives you a reassurance.

Azuki partners was established to bring our clients closer to a successful real estate investment experience in Japan. Our stance is truly neutral, which varies us from real estate agents and property managers.

Supporting our clients by giving a precise advice when needed for any issues during purchase, ownership, or selling a property. We offer an objective and neutral consulting service for our clients to make a correct decision to maximize their real estate profits in Japan.

Being in the real estate business over the past 20 years, it’s clear that most buyers continue with their purchase without receiving an accurate advice. Resulting in being stuck with a property that they don’t know what to do with. I see the same thing happening with all kinds of other investors as well.

Once you are stuck with a property like that, no matter how capable your asset and property managers are, it’s almost impossible to improve anything for it. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

Knowledge of Japanese real estate itself is of course very crucial, however, I believe a lot of buyers and investor can become much successful with understanding traditions and tax system that surround in the Japanese real estate business.

Azuki Partner’s mission is focused on giving an objective and accurate advice for any owner and investors who plan to purchase, sale, or are in need for help of their current property.

Managing Director
Tsuyoshi Hikichi