Giving an objective and professional advice from a different perspective than real estate agents and property managers.

There are many tax and law issues when purchasing, tenure, or selling a real estate property. Are you receiving the correct advice from a professional? Make sure you receive an expert advice to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Consulting tax and attorney service

There are many taxes that involve around a real estate transaction, such as real estate acquisition tax, income tax, fixed property tax, and capital gain tax.

With 20 years of experience working with foreign clients, we are happy to help you through tax matters with the advice from an accountant. Additionally, there are countless risks and laws that will be involved in a real estate transaction. If you have any worries or questions, it is best to seek consultation before things awfully escalates.

CAPEX advice

So long as you possess a property, mid to long term maintenances are unavoidable.

Are you familiar with the Japanese construction techniques and methods for maintaining a real estate?

To enhance value of your real estate property, mid to long term CAPEX management created with hands-on legal inspection is essential.

We give advice with equipment and building inspection and CAPEX scheduling, so you don't lose the value of your real estate property.

Repair and renovation advice

When it comes to figuring out facility and equipment repair, are you able to estimate a fair price? Can you tell if a management company has added on commission to the fee?

We give advice for repairs involving your real estate property to lower the cost and increase profit. As for those seeking a large-scale renovation, we can help you with choosing the right contractor and manage construction correspondence. It is not easy to renovate Japanese real estate properties while located overseas. Let us assist you with a successful renovation.

Problems with your current investment property

Please feel free to contact us with any issues or questions you may have with the real estate property you own. AZUKI PARTNERS is here to solve problems and guide you to a successful real estate purchase and investment.

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