Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

To accomplish a successful real estate purchase or investment, it is crucial to obtain all market research, data analyzing, and field research from an expert.

It is quite common for investors, who did not conduct proper prior research, to run into trouble after their purchase. Such things like defects found in a building equipment may cost a lot more than what investors intended for maintaining their property.

Also, keep in mind that even though tenants are shown as fully occupied at point of purchase, rent price can fall and in certain areas the risk is higher of not being able to fill all vacancies.

As a result of skipping the proper homework, you may end up not acquiring the initial expected cashflow. This could have a huge effect for those who have loan payments. Additionally, effecting future sale value that results in a failure of a real estate investment.

We have seen many of such real estate investors. Due diligence is a must for purchasing a property. In addition, commissioning an expert for property research and managing predicted risks will bring you closer to a successful real estate investment.

At AZUKI PARTNERS, we will draw on our knowledge and experience for a successful real estate investment with our following client services.

Market research and analyzing

Providing future prediction of value and rent market, sale price/rent appraisal, and creating property sale CMA with data from same neighborhood comparable. We will also provide you research for characteristics of the area, demographics, and neighborhood developments.

Analyzing property data

Putting all the market data together from current real estate trends, rent market, value, inventory, unit price per square meter, and yield return to analyze the market of a property.

By understanding sales comparison and market trends, we will provide price validity and predictions of future real estate market.

Conducting on site investigation and analyzing and due diligence

Not only will we do an on-site check of the property and researching the neighborhood, but we will conduct an equipment inspection of a building.

We will determine the state of the property and provide an estimated amount of future rent and mid to long term business investment expense by researching neighborhood comparable and inspecting building and equipment maintenance.

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