Prior knowledge of appropriate appraisal of a property can avoid any errors such as purchasing real estate above its market price. Analyzing your property's suitable rent is crucial to avoid losses that will accumulate over the years. If you are considering selling, knowing a suitable value of a property can help determine the timing of putting your property on the market. At AZUKI PARTNERS, with our 20 years of experience we give you advices from suitable rent, gate way to tenure of a property investment, and how to maximize your return when selling.

Valuating purchase price

By using our 20 years of knowledge and experiment in Japanese real estate, we will give you a pre-purchase appraisal of a property and figure out if the listed property is at fair value or not.

Valuating sale price

We will appraise your property's value. Figuring out the current value of your property from past transactions and real estate market.

Rent optimization

We work to make sure your property's current rent is suitable. Surprisingly there are many places that rent are listed lower than what it should be. Analyzing the correct rent will maximize the return on investment.

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